Jeribai Andrew-Jaja,  Realism Artist.

Artist Statement


In my search for purpose, I discovered my unrivaled passion for arts. I feel fulfilled creating and sharing art with the world. I create my works using graphite and charcoal because of the vibrancy the dark value brings in combinations with light backgrounds.

Most of my works are pre-thought concepts, which range from but not limited to social, individual, political, and emotional realities with a message anyone could relate to. My creative process consists of creating a composition with a muse (model) that perfectly fits the concept and then a photoshoot to serve as a reference. A portrait drawing takes a duration of 80 to 150 hours for completion.

Ever since I realized I have this gift, it has been a burning desire to share it with the world to create a positive impact and fulfill my purpose. My art can be entertaining, therapeutic, educational, inspirational and in all, Friendly. I choose realism Niche because I believe my works have actual conversations with people, especially the silent conversations they hardly want to talk about.

I get inspired by my experiences and those of other people and these lead me to create. I find joy in the fact that my art can be interpreted in a million positive ways by different people. My Art is that friend that sticks as close as or even closer than a brother.


Jeribai Andrew-Jaja was born into the family of five with Nathaniel(father) and Angelina(mother) Andrew-Jaja and raised in the city of Port- Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Growing up, He was always fascinated with art. It started with drawing cartoons and superheroes from comic books. 


It was always mind-blowing how some drawings looked realistic so that made him focus more on shading a little extra and he never stopped.


Jeribai spends countless hours learning and refining his drawing techniques and understanding/birthing his unique style with the influence of some other great artists. 


Even though he didn't have a formal Art Education, he always associated with artists and did participate in several art shows in college(Brescia University)and always emerged with an Award in every show.


 This multifaceted Young Man currently has a career both in Art and computer science and a variety of interests that range from but not limited to dancing, singing, fashion, photography, music, architecture etc. "I am proud of my artistic Purpose and I strive to be a Well rounded Artist I won't cease to continuously create a lasting positive impact with my Gift."

© 2019 Jeribai Andrew-Jaja

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