What are you protecting; I hope not your fears? Take that risk and give birth to your fullest potential.
On the other hand, protect yourself from all energies that contaminate your purpose.

Stop protecting that inner voice of success, stop being afraid of your big dreams, let it out in faith.
On the other hand, protect your words (verbal contraception), they bear fruit.

Don't tear down with your words rather speak life.
This drawing was inspired from a moment in my life where I struggled with self-belief, self-discovery, and the feeling of being lost without direction. I knew there was more for me but I was too comfortable with what I know that it was scary to make the next move even though I was sad about my current situation. 

That moment when you know you can make the change you wish for but you’re scared of the unknown till you get really tired, make plans, believe and take that jump. Then the reality of the situation turns out that you have great wings that make you fly.   Plan and Take that Action. Stop protecting your fears and jump in RAW.

Guilt of Innocence | limited signed prints | Certificate of Authenticity

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  • Stop protecting your potential, let go of the fear and give birth to your purpose. Do not be afraid of your light, let it shine.